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Lawn Care Services

The term “landscaping” refers to any act that transforms the physical characteristics of a given area of land. Landscaping involves the careful arrangement and selection of plants, shrubs, trees, walkways, driveways, pool decks, and other landscaping elements to improve the appearance of your property. A landscaping business may be hired to design and implement a full range of landscaping projects, from repairing damage to installing new landscaping elements. Some landscaping businesses are specialized in only one or two areas, while others will design a complete landscape from scratch. However, not all landscaping companies offer the same quality or quantity of work. You should check their credentials and rates before choosing a landscaping company to perform any of your yard landscaping needs.

Landscaping companies may also offer a variety of landscape maintenance services, such as general yard cleaning, mulching, tree trimming, periodic plantings, and landscape maintenance. General yard cleaning is designed to help you reduce your weekly trash output by removing unwanted leaves, fallen twigs, needles, grass clippings, and other lawn debris. Mulching is designed to reduce moisture levels in the soil, keep your plants healthy, and reduce the risk of disease. Tree trimming, which eliminates dead or damaged branches that may choke plant growth, and periodic plantings provide year-round plant nutrition and help prevent soil erosion.

Many landscaping services will offer additional pest control services, such as garden weeding, mulching, and chemical insecticide treatment. Garden weeding can help prevent against pesky insects such as deer droppers, aphids, spider mites, leafhoppers, white-flies, and ground beetles. Chemical insecticide treatments are designed to kill harmful insects, including scale insects, silverfish, and aphid spp., that can sometimes invigorate your yard without your noticing it. Landscaping companies use non-toxic landscape products to prevent soil erosion and biological insecticides to stop destructive pest activity.

Professional landscaping services also offer a complete lawn mowing package. Regular lawn mowing keeps your lawn looking fresh and vibrant and reduces the risk of injury for children and pets. If you have a nice lawn and are tired of seeing it groomed throughout the seasons, a lawn mowing company can provide a more thorough treatment, free of charge. In addition to reducing weeds and maintaining a healthy landscape, regular mowing also increases the thickness of the grass.

In order to give your yard the perfect look, it’s important to properly fertilize and overseed your lawn each spring. Fertilizing your lawn will help it grow dense, healthy grass that will withstand dry winds and droughts. Overseeding will also help to ensure that grass will not grow too fast and that new grass will not overheat and die. Many landscaping services include fertilizer applications and overseeding along with lawn care. These services can be scheduled at any time of year to ensure that your lawn remains healthy at all times.

Landscaping services also include the aeration of the soil around your home. Aerating your soil, or adding air to the topsoil, will improve the overall health of your lawn. Healthy soil will prevent pathogen growth, which in turn will prevent diseases from occurring. Additionally, aerated soil allows water to move easily through the soil, and this will help to keep your grass moist and prevent dryness that can encourage root rot and other diseases. Whether you choose to utilize professional landscaping services, do it yourself, or choose to perform these tasks on your own, an aeration or lawn care program is an effective way to increase the health of your lawn and garden.

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